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CUNY Confusion

So I finally called CUNY Graduate Center today to ask them whether perhaps my letter had gotten lost in the mail, since I haven't heard a decision yet.

The woman at the admissions office said that "a decision has still not been made for your application."
"I assume I'll hear before April 15th though, since that's the deadline to accept an offer?"
"I'm not sure when their deadline for making offers is...I can put you through to the department, if you like."

I thanked her, and said that wouldn't be necessary.

I'm so confused. Apparently, they have not lost my application. But if people are getting off the waitlist, how in the world have they not even made an initial decision about me!?

Should I call again and ask to speak to the DGS? Or email the DGS?

I'm going to Fordham, whether I get in or not, but I would like to KNOW what their decision is, just so I can finally get some closure on this whole process.

In off the waitlist at CUNY!

Thanks very much to Annabel_Lee_43! Got an email this morning from the DGS. It was a form acceptance email, so I have no idea how many others are being brought in off the lifeboat, but I'll keep my ears open. Thanks everyone for all the help this LONG 2008! Good luck to everybody.

And to anyone who didn't get in this year, this was my THIRD round of PhD applications, spanning 10 years. So don't lose hope! Sometimes you're just meant to do some other stuff with your life before plunging into a doctoral program. To everything (turn, turn, turn) There is a season (turn, turn, etc.)

EDITED TO ADD: Thanks everyone!! eaw, I was the one at the very top of the waitlist, and considering they've already contacted me (after saying it'd be the end of April before I heard) I'm optimistic for other wait-listees, although it sounds like you've got a great thing going with WUSTL.
Re: funding; he told me that funding decisions (fellowships etc) would be coming out later in April, but considering I came in off the waitlist I'm sure I'm not in the running for one of those this year. He did say that anyone who wanted a teaching fellowship (with tuition and stipend) could definitely get one, so I'm excited about that. I miss teaching almost as much as I miss being a student, so I'm eager to get back into the classroom, on both sides of the lectern.
Thanks again all!

Oh, Columbia

I just got this from Columbia:

 "I’m writing to let you know that, while Columbia’s Department of English and Comparative Literature did not accept you into its PhD program, you might be interested in having your application considered for the interdisciplinary Master’s program in American Studies."

Gah.  I am trying to move on with my life here people!  I'm definitely pleased and flattered by this, especially since Columbia was my most heartbreaking rejection, but it sort of feels like an ex calling me up and saying, "Hey how would you like to have dinner sometime?  No, I don't want to get back together, just maybe hang out..."  A bit too little, a bit too late.

Did anyone else get something like this from them?

Still Waiting???

Is anyone still waiting to hear decisions? I have yet to hear from a University that has already sent out a round of acceptances, wait-lists, and rejections. I emailed the DGS at the beginning of March and was told that they are still "in the midst of the review process", and I should hear in the next two weeks. It's been three weeks +
Anyone else in this boat???
Anyone know where one can find lists of English programs by research levels? Such as, "Research 1 Institution" etc etc etc

"Anyone can get into Oxford for the PhD"

Overheard this in the hallway today. The student was saying that Oxford lets anyone in to do the D.Phil because there are no classes, so you just go there, get an adviser and do your research.

I thought Oxford was pretty selective! Is this true?

Georgia State, part 2

Just checked their application system and while my status for the film program has not been updated (They emailed to tell me I'm in), my English status has now been changed to Accepted.  Yay for that, and double yay for now officially being done and going out on a good note!


Hey guys!!

I have been a little absent the past couple of weeks. . . a little upset over my across the board rejections. I have successfully dealt with it, and I must say coming up with a backup plan tremendously alleviates the disappointment and bitterness!!

To make a long story short, I think one of the reasons I was rejected was fit; I did not apply to schools that were strong in Medieval, my intended concentration. I have a better idea of where to apply next year, but as people who have spent ample time researching, discussing, and visiting schools, does anyone have any recommendations for programs with good Medieval programs (PhD or MA)?

Congrats to all those accepted and waitlisted, and my condolences to those in my boat!

Georgia State, part 1

Just accepted to the Moving Image Studies emphasis of their Communication PhD...not really English but still.

Nice to finally have more than one acceptance.  They have no funding right now and I am on a wait list for full funding/assistantships, so I will still most likely be at Florida, but still.  Nice to feel wanted.

Part 2 will follow when I hear from their English program.

NYU MA (which I applied for)

Received my acceptance letter in the mail today. This is the ONLY program I applied to because I need to stay in the NYC area as a playwright. I won't be paying anything for it because, luckily, I have a large external scholarship that NYU will match through its Tuition Incentive Program (TIP).

Question: when I apply to PhDs down the line, will there be a stigma because NYU's MA program is unfunded (even though it's funded for me)? Or will the quality of my work be all that matters?

Thanks to this community for helping me enormously during this process.