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wgi_lounge_2009's Journal

English Who_Got_In Lounge 2009
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A spin-off of the main wgi thread where hopeful English applicants shoot the breeze
This is a spin-off of the main English who_got_in thread (see http://community.livejournal.com/who_got_in/90061.html) where hopeful applicants can shoot the breeze and discuss topics they may not want to in a public forum. Membership is open but it is advised that you lock your posts when discussing personal topics.

Other rules/things to keep in mind:
-I'm not around a lot. I don't do a lot of moderating.
-Having said that: I like debate, but I also reserve the right to kick anyone out who doesn't contribute to the community in a constructive fashion. Trolling, flaming, off-topic discussions (stuff that doesn't have to do with grad school or English/comp lit), and general nastiness and negativity are not allowed. I will scorch the earth with your LJ handle if you deliberately decide to be an idiot.
-If you post an email or piece of correspondence from a professor or otherwise "real person," please, please lock your post *AND* omit specific names and institutions. I reserve the right to delete posts that name specific professors and graduate students.
-Remember that nothing on the internet is ever private. Don't post anything about a prospective grad school, person, experience, or yourself that you wouldn't want the whole world to know.